How Covid Has Changed the Channels of Engagement

Covid has been the catalyst forcing engagement online, and according to our new consumer research, it has exposed brands’ digital channel shortcomings. Now 73% of frustrated consumers are considering spending their dollars elsewhere. Brands need to get ahead of this before it’s too late. Marketing leaders need to know where digital channels fail to meet expectations, what channels consumers turn to in critical situations, and what emerging channels to keep an eye on.

Join this webinar as the CMO Council and Precisely dig into the findings of a survey of more than 2,000 consumers, spanning five generations and six countries across three continents. Learn how consumers want to be engaged by brands, the rise of digital channels such as interactive and personalized video, and the influential role of traditional channels as a complete part of the marketing mix. At the same time, learn from marketing leaders at Transamerica and Nestlé who are uncovering exciting new ways to engage with their customers in this “new normal.”

Channels of Engagement - How Covid Has Changed Them
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