How Automation And Intelligence Can Simplify Your IBM i High Availability

The demand for resilient IT systems continues to accelerate.  Today’s IBM i customers increasingly understand the need for a high availability solution to keep these critical business systems available and prevent data loss.

An important driver for customers choosing an HA solution is the ease-of-use and automation.  As these IBM i customers evaluate how to leverage new technologies and deployments options, like running their HA in a cloud environment, IT resources are challenged to find new approaches to increasing efficiency and productivity.  In short, they need an HA solution that requires a minimum of configuration effort and ever-increasing automation.

Assure MIMIX, the leader in IBM i high availability and disaster recovery, has new several capabilities that can dramatically simplify configuration tasks, make monitoring easy and assist customers moving to the cloud.  We can help these customers keep their mission-critical business applications running continuously, even while migrating to the cloud.  During the webinar, we will show a demo of the highly automated Journal-Driven Configuration that takes the complexity out of setting up Assure MIMIX replication.

In addition to the demo, watch this on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • Initial synchronization improvements
  • Streamlining migration to a new system with replication
  • Support for IBM’s new Virtual Serial Number
How Automation And Intelligence Can Simplify Your High Availability
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