Harnessing the Power of Advanced Insurance Analytics through Property Data

In commercial and residential underwriting, accurate and robust property data is essential to effectively doing business and performing analytics.

Increasing availability of location-based data and the growing capabilities of AI/ML provide an optimal opportunity for companies to capitalize on location-based data science for a competitive edge. A Willis Towers Watson survey showed that 60% of companies are targeting AI/ML capabilities in 2021 to address IT and organizational bottlenecks, such as data infrastructure, to better analyze data when evaluating risk models and reducing manual input.

However, across the board, companies are challenged with finding an effective strategy for organizing, consistently enriching, and analyzing data across the enterprise. Precisely gives your business the confidence to make better, faster decisions through trusted data with maximum accuracy, consistency, and context.

Learn how clients are leveraging advanced analytics and property enrichment solutions to:

  • Improve loss ratio through more diversified risk and profitable underwriting
  • Improve the reliability of property evaluation using location data enrichment for every US property
  • Enrich properties with thousands of attributes for better, more accurate analytical models, such as AI and ML technologies
  • Enable real-time answers to complex analytics leveraging big data analytics platforms such as Databricks or cloud container systems such as Kubernetes
Harnessing the Power of Advanced Insurance Analytics Through Property Data
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