Harness External Data in Underwriting: Increase Profitability & Drive Value

To get ahead of the competition, insurers must combine both internal and external data to gauge risk precisely. But managing growing mounds of data is no mean feat. The danger is that if you don’t operationalise and enrich your data, you’re going to lose out when it comes to accurate pricing, enhanced profitability and delivering value to your customers.

The solution is an all-encompassing approach to mastering external data, which is the key theme of this webinar, and features these top-level speakers:

  • Megan McConnell, Chief Underwriting Officer, Hiscox
  • Kassie Bryan, Head Solutions P&C Americas, Swiss Re
  • Simon Perry, Insurance Client Director, Precisely
  • Moderator: Wyn Jenkins, Managing Editor, Intelligent Insurer

You’ll find out how to:

  • Eliminate guesswork by utilising granular, accurate and predictive risk variables to mitigate risk, across commercial property, home and auto – ultimately driving underwriting profitability
  • Leverage real-time data from satellite imagery, location data, remote sensors, and connected devices to enhance risk mitigation and accelerate eligibility decisions and provide fair, accurate, and bias-free policy pricing to consumers
  • Augment, enrich and connect 3rd party data across your business to make better underwriting decisions for properties impacted by flood, hail, hurricane and fire
  • Overcome obstacles around legacy systems, data integration and a lack of statistical skills to improve accuracy and drive efficiencies in the underwriting process
  • Create transparency: Make risk data more readily available to policy holders and brokers so they can better understand their risk and become partners managing risk
Harness External Data in Underwriting - Increase Profitability and Drive Value
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