Financial Services: Roadmap for Risk, Regulation & Data Governance

Financial Service organizations continue to arguably be one of the most regulated industries in the world. In response, data governance frameworks have become a business imperative, versus just a nice to have. Recently, regulators are starting to require those data governance frameworks to include more robust and comprehensive data quality capabilities to strengthen deficiencies in risk management and internal controls.

During this webinar, we discuss best practices that are vital to your future data management strategy to avoid the cost – and publicity of non-compliance – in this ever-changing environment. 

Key topics will include:

  • Setting the foundation and groundwork for creating a working model
  • Building the processes & measurements to adapt new use cases
  • Modern data quality considerations: From observability to remediation
  • Data Integrity at scale: Requirements for sustainable compliance
Financial Services - Roadmap for Risk, Regulation & Data Governance
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