Enrich Your Data Your Way

According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 85% of executives say high-quality external data is very important to their success. This external data is used to enrich internal records related to customers and locations, revealing contextual information related to demographics, boundaries, and points of interest. This provides businesses with vital insights like who lives nearby a particular location, which neighborhood they are in, and what other stores are within a five-minute walk.

Data enrichment provides the context necessary to create data driven location strategies. Precisely’s datasets offer flexibility in file format so every business can unlock the power of location, regardless of what software they use in their business processes.

View this on-demand webinar to explore how:

  • Precisely data can be used for enrichment workflows in a variety of software programs
  • Multiple datasets can be easily combined for unique insights
  • Enriching a customer or location can drive better business results
Enrich Data Your Way
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