Empowering Data Scientists to Utilize Geospatial Data at Scale – Why “Where” is a Must Have for Data Science

Finding and munging geospatial data is tricky and more challenging than a simple Python or notebook call, while quality data is also important to avoid inaccurate results. Knowing how to source and incorporate valuable location information is critical to deliver increased business insight while keeping project costs down.

When thinking about the complexities of using geospatial data, in can be daunting to know where begin. View this on-demand webinar to explore what your organization needs to know to tap the potential of geo-enrichment and geospatial data.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Best practices for getting started with geo-enrichment
  • Geo-enrichment key concepts and understanding large-scale geospatial data processing
  • Strategies for integrating business address data into data science projects with Spark and Kubernetes
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