Effective Security Monitoring for IBM i: What You Need to Know

Defending against the increasing sophistication and complexity of today’s security threats requires a comprehensive, multi-layered approach. The key is to maximize the strength of each layer of your defenses, and then ask yourself, “If this layer is breached, what do I have in place to prevent further damage?”

Even if you have implemented the proper layers of protection, effective security still requires a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to monitoring and reporting. Monitoring plays a critical role in any effective IT security strategy. It’s like having a security guard constantly patrolling your digital infrastructure, vigilantly watching for suspicious activity and potential threats. Security monitoring allows you to detect threats as soon as possible, giving you a better chance of responding quickly and effectively.

Watch this webinar on-demand, we will cover:

  • The best practices for monitoring your IBM i environment
  • The benefits of combining your IBM i monitoring with other IT systems
  • A demonstration of a new Assure Security Monitoring and Reporting interface
Effective Security Monitoring for IBM i - What You Need to Know
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