Driving Hyperautomation Success Throughout SAP Master Data Processes

As companies emerge from the disruptions of the global pandemic, they are looking to the principles of Hyperautomation to drive digital transformation and ultimately business success. Nowhere is this more important than in complex, data-intensive SAP master data processes.

In this presentation we will examine:

  • Why automation is now the driving force behind digital transformation efforts
  • What are the components of a comprehensive Hyperautomation strategy for your SAP processes
  • How the Precisely Automate platform can be the core of your Hyperautomation initiatives
  • The value of form and workflow automation for tackling your most complex, data-intensive SAP processes

This presentation will include demonstrations of the Precisely Automate platform capabilities and a discussion of how it supports Hyperautomation of your SAP ERP processes.

Driving Hyperautomation Success Throughout SAP® Master Data Processes
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