Drive Successful ESG Initiatives with Trusted Data

Organizations are adjusting their business processes to align with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals driven by new business opportunities, aggressive governmental regulations, and consumer & societal expectations.  

As a result, it’s becoming imperative for organizations to quantify their ESG efforts accurately. Businesses must seamlessly and efficiently identify, extract, and aggregate the granular data necessary to produce impactful ESG reports. An organization’s ability to achieve this greatly depends on having access to high-quality, trustworthy information. 

Still, they find their data incomplete, unstandardized, or lacking sufficient insight for the deep level of reporting required. To move faster, remain compliant, and accurately demonstrate and quantify commitment to ESG initiatives, an organization’s data strategy must prioritize data integrity – or data that is accurate, consistent, and contextualized. 

Watch our informative webinar regarding data integrity and its importance to corporate ESG initiatives. We will cover the following topics:

  • Significant ESG concerns and issues
  • Explain why complete, accurate, and actionable ESG data is critical for ESG reporting
  • Data and IT processes to meet requirements for corporate ESG tracking and reporting
  • An overview of how Vontobel has embedded ESG into their business operations
Drive Successful ESG Initiatives with Trusted Data
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