Data Strategy SOS: Signs Your Data Initiatives Need Help

Data initiatives always begin with sound business rationale. Unfortunately getting them off the ground, making them sustainable, and proving ongoing value requires targeted, strategic approaches depending on where you are in your journey.

Join this webinar, listen to Colleen Henderson – Senior Director Global Governance at Perrigo and find out how Perrigo successfully achieved:

  • A fully functioning data organisation effectively supporting Perrigo’s most critical transformational programs
  • Leveraged data management & governance tools to accelerate the implementation and sustainment of modern capabilities
  • Continued investment in the data organisation based on repeated successes and value added
  • ‘Data’ now has a permanent seat at the table
  • Great position to quickly react, pivot, and evolve based on market changes and business initiatives

Also hear from David Wood, Senior Vice President, Strategic Services at Precisely how to identify the critical signs that could indicate your data investments are in jeopardy and how Precisely can help.

Data Strategy SOS
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