Data Governance That Drives the Bottom Line

The financial services sector is investing heavily in data governance solutions to find, understand and trust customer data, while also managing compliance risk around an ever-evolving regulatory landscape more effectively.

But do you still find it difficult to get management support for data governance budgets? Do you have the tools you need to determine the “business cost of data” accurately? Can you show the CFO an ROI projection he can count on? Are you able to answer, “Will I see results on the top line or the bottom line?” Are your business line leaders able to identify areas that are losing money due to data problems?

If you answered no to any of these questions, join Precisely in our upcoming webinar that will focus on how Financial Services companies can monetize the return on investment for data governance and how to relate it to business results that every senior leader understands.

Join this on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • How to select data initiatives based on corporate goals and strategy
  • How to connect the dots from data challenges (quality, availability, accuracy, currency) to specific business metrics around
  • How to quantify the data contribution to improving business performance around
  • How to leverage metadata and linage to get a 360-degree understanding of your data
  • How to evaluate data assets by assigning measures and defining scores
  • How to assign accountability to assets and processes
  • How to define and execute the workflows needed to implement corrective actions
  • How to highlight the benefits of data governance
Data Governance That Drives the Bottom Line
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