Data Governance and Data Quality Trends to Inspire Action

Achieving and maintaining quality data is more crucial than ever before. For organizations looking to make confident and reliable business decisions, you need data you can trust.

Precisely and Drexel University’s LeBow Center for Business Analytics partnered together to survey over 800+ data and analytics professionals on their data governance and data quality practices in order to uncover key trends and help shape the current landscape. The final report – Data Professionals Speak: Trends in Data Governance and Data Quality – takes a deep dive into understanding the state of data governance and data quality, the impacts moving forward, and key insights that can inspire growth for organizations looking to implement or improve their integrated programs.

In this brand-new webinar, our experts will unveil the survey results, including:

  • Data-backed key findings: learn about the most important stats from all the data collected and how organizations can use these to inspire actionable steps
  • Data governance and data quality relationship: understand how the two are related and how to deliver in an integrated way for success
  • Organizational inspiration: discover proven strategies to establish and build a foundation for a mature data governance program as part of an overall data integrity mission

Register now for this on-demand webinar! You’ll come away with actionable steps for your organization, no matter which stage you are at in your overall data governance and data quality journey.

A survey of 800+ Data and Analytics Professionals by Precisely
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