Data Discovery & Entity Resolution for Data Privacy Regulations

With the latest regulations evolution, the question isn’t so much about if you must be compliant to data privacy regulations, but much more to determine which data in your (various and siloed) systems has to be compliant to which regulation(s). To be agile and deliver on the promise of Privacy by Design, you need to put data catalog and entity resolution to work and support your compliance efforts to:

  • Discover and profile the personal data you hold enterprise wide. Independently from data sources (whether on traditional platforms or in your data lake)
  • Consolidate all the data you have on a given individual though accurate entity resolution
  • Determine where PII (personally identifiable information) is being held and building your own glossary
  • Identify all the places this information has spread to (copied, reported, and delivered from central data stores)
  • Comply with data processing and mobility restrictions and minimize your data for just what’s needed for processing

Overall, find out how to add governance that supports new requirements for right of access, rectification, deletion, requests and consent management and build your own scorecard to monitor data quality and show efforts made to regulators.

Watch our webinar and learn more about:

  • Connect & Collect: Ensuring you don’t miss any data
  • Catalog & Profile: Understand data – even if not previously labeled as PII – determine its location(s) and quality
  • Lineage & Impact Analysis: Define the history and origins of your data to meet regulatory requirements
  • Entity Resolution & Matching: Identify, in a reliable way, all data on a specific individual
  • Glossary: Define business terms to create a catalog for PII
  • Monitoring: Show to regulators and internal stakeholders your efforts on compliance and data quality with a scorecard using your own KPIs
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