Winning at Offense and Defense: How Data Democratization Enables Financial Services Firms to Accelerate Growth and Ensure Compliance

In financial services as in many industries, analytics for growth and compliance are often seen as competing imperatives. Offense focuses on growth; organizations learn from data about customer preferences, how they can improve experiences and engagement, and how to deploy analytics to sharpen go-to-market strategies and drive product and services innovation. Defense is about detecting and reducing the impact of financial crimes such as fraud and money laundering and ensuring compliance with regulations. Both are obviously critical. With data democratization, organizations do not have to choose one or the other.

Watch this on-demand TDWI webinar sponsored by Precisely to learn how firms in financial services and other industries can empower users through data democratization to achieve success in delivering both business value and protection against risk. You will see how initiatives are really two sides of the same data story, and how organizations can modernize data management to support growth and compliance together.

Topics speakers will address include:

  • Steps for democratizing data offense and defense in financial services
  • Modernizing data management to accelerate growth and ensure compliance
  • Achieving simplicity, scalability, and confidence in data management to support data democratization
  • Data strategies for balancing offensive and defensive imperatives
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