Data Democratization and AI Drive the Scope for Data Governance

Back by popular demand: join us for a repeat presentation of the June 22, 2022 keynote from Trust 22, How Data Democratization and AI Drive the Scope for Data Governance, with Ken Beutler, Senior Director of Product Management, Precisely, and guest speaker Achim Granzen, Principal Analyst, Forrester.

Understand the challenges with many data governance initiatives today – and how organizations can respond by stepping up their strategies to align for a new scope of data governance. In this presentation you will hear:

  • Challenges that still remain in the current state of Data Governance
  • How AI and data democratization are impacting data strategies
  • The 5 components that will power the impact of data governance
  • Recommendations to mature and broaden your data governance capabilities

Ken Beutler, Senior Director, Precisely
Achim Granzen, Principal Analyst, Forrester

How data democratization and AI drive the scope for data governance
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