Combining Location Analytics with Visualization

An increasing amount of data is available for a property or location, but in many cases, insurers still rely on manual intervention and visual review for many decisions.

How can carriers take advantage of more and different data while reducing the reliance on inefficient manual processes?

For those situations where a manual, visual review is necessary, visualization of the data must be simple, intuitive, and deliver insight and context that is typically not available from reviewing the data itself. Done correctly, visualization will accelerate the democratizing of data and analytics so that more accurate, data-driven insights are available to all users throughout an organization. View this on-demand webinar to explore:

  • How data combined with visualization is being used by insurance carriers to identify patterns, gain insights, and understand relationships
  • Ways to achieve a consistent view of risk across the business, understand concentration and adjacent risk, and automate many common manual processes
  • Examples of data being combined and visualized, such as dynamic weather and aerial imagery, to enhance existing processes in claims and underwriting
Combining Location Analytics with Visualization
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