Code Red for CODE-P: What's a Customer Omnichannel Digital Experience Platform

As customer communications management (CCM) continues to evolve to a more customer experience management (CXM) focus for companies at a rapid pace, we are seeing a new category emerge in the market. CODE-P’s, or Customer Omnichannel Digital Experience Platforms, enable organizations to offer a holistic approach to managing all customer communications – transactional, servicing and marketing – while simultaneously creating a more seamless and cohesive end-customer experience. The impact of this shift is significant – 63% of bank customers for example, say they would switch banks if communications don’t meet expectations. But if you’re trying to combine legacy systems it’s not an easy task, as fragmented systems were not designed to evolve together leaving you at risk for significant customer attrition.

With the recent announcement of the acquisition of CEDAR CX by Precisely, this new CODE-P category is taking shape, combining the expertise of hosted managed service platforms with legacy CCM service providers. And Aspire believes this cloud-based solution will help companies further fast-track changes and innovation in regulated communications. Join this Aspire-hosted webinar to hear from experts Kaspar Roos, founder & CEO of Aspire; Greg Van den Heuvel, EVP & GM of Precisely; and Richard Bishop, Sales EVP of Precisely, on the future of this space and the impact customer communications can make on the success of your CX.

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