Building Successful and Sustainable Data Governance in Financial Services

With the demand for better and more timely analytics,compliance around ever-increasing regulations, and optimized operations, data quality is almost synonymous with data governance.  Fintech organizations are at the forefront of implementing data governance initiatives, but the overall maturity level of these programs is still low.  This panel discussion will discuss some of the top priorities in developing successful and sustainable data governance programs.

Talking Points:

  • Data Governance Value: How to Identify, and share metrics that quantify the value of your data governance and data quality to enable better risk mitigation, and analytics.
  • Build Engagement: How to motivate users with visibility into how their individual goals are being enabled by data governance.
  • Govern only the right data: How to strategically identify the data assets that impact KPI’s, objectives and business goals for all users to focus data governance on what truly matters.
  • Adoption Motivators: How to socialize, evangelize and publicize value proof points to build engagement and collaboration.
Building Successful and Sustainable Data Goverance
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