Boost your Agility and Resiliency with Automate Studio

We all know that automation transforms SAP processes and produces better results for your team and the business at large, regardless of your unique objectives.

And now more than ever, continuing to optimize those automated processes will be key to gaining agility and speed – ensuring you don’t skip a beat, even in a disruptive market.

Our Precisely experts are here to help you continue the automation journey for even bigger results – join us to find out how during this training session.

We’ll cover new strategies for top t-codes, using Automate Studio to identify areas of expansion – and how doing so saves you time and puts less of a strain on your resources.

And we’ll show you how, with several demos covering topics like material master creation and master data updates with Round Trip.

You’ll come away with insights on how to

  • quickly build and publish scripts – no coding required
  • easily upload and download SAP data from Excel
  • reduce your dependency on technical resources
  • improve your data integrity and accuracy
  • … and much more!
Automate Studio-How to Act with Agility & Resiliency in Challenges Times_Webinar_230414 Thumbnail
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