Automate Studio Training: How to Easily Modify Scripts

Slow, manual SAP® transaction processes and LSMW requests simply don’t cut it anymore. Ready to replace those processes and quickly build scripts – without any coding?

This session is for you if you’re interested in learning different methods to easily modify existing Automate Studio scripts. These methods in the Studio mapper help you seamlessly handle new business requirements, or take a pre-built template and modify it to fit your organization’s needs.

Greater control over your Automate Studio business processes means bigger, better results. We’ll show you how to enable your business users to interact with SAP from Microsoft Office and other familiar platforms – resulting in more efficient SAP data management, along with improved data integrity and accuracy.

This session will be filled with a variety of demos, including how to:

  • run a debug on Transaction scripts
  • modify Transaction scripts
  • get technical information from SAP
  • modify Query scripts
  • modify Direct scripts

Through these demos, you’ll gain plenty of actionable takeaways that you can start implementing right away – including how to:

  • modify existing Automate scripts for SAP – no coding required
  • interact with SAP from both business user and script developers’ perspectives
  • easily upload and download data between SAP and Excel
  • improve your data integrity and accuracy

Automate Studio reduces your dependency on technical resources to help you create automation scenarios – and our team of experts is here to make sure you get the most out of our solution throughout the journey.

Automate Studio Training - How to Easily Modify Scripts
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