Applying Hyperautomation to SAP Processes for Better Business Results

As companies emerge from the disruptions of the global pandemic, they are looking to the principles of Hyperautomation to drive digital transformation and ultimately business success across SAP-centric processes. In this session, we examine why automation is now the driving force behind digital transformation efforts and how Hyperautomation principles for SAP processes are fueling this movement. We also look at examples of companies who are seeing success through this approach.  

Watch this on-demand session to: 

  • Review the needs and wants of companies that are driving automation adoption 
  • Discuss the definition of Hyperautomation 
  • Look at how Precisely’s complete automation platform supports Hyperautomation strategies 
  • Review some examples of how companies are measuring Hyperautomation success 
  • Hear how ExxonMobil is leveraging automation across their business to drive better business outcomes 
Applying Hyper automation to SAP Processes for Better Business Results
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