9000 Ways to Optimize Outcomes in Financial Services

Trusted analytics and predictive data models require accurate, consistent, and contextual data. Even with the vast amount of internal business data available, financial services institutions are looking to trusted 3rd party data to fuel analytical models with new and relevant attributes to gain meaningful insights.

With over 9,000 data attributes describing the people, places, and a myriad of details for any given location, Precisely is uniquely positioned to help Financial Services companies create new and innovative insights from data. Stay ahead of the competition and gain a competitive advantage with trusted data for confident business decisions.

During this webinar, you will see how our clients are leveraging innovative strategies to unlock the power of data. Use cases will include:

  • Commercial Lending: How do I efficiently understand collateral?
  • Mortgage: Improved understanding of comps in a volatile market?
  • Credit Card: How do I drive more card transactions via location understanding?
  • Network Optimization: Where are my customers and how do they want to interact with me?
  • Cross Sell: Who is my customer and what products should I offer her?
  • Investment Banking: What alternative data helps me better understand investment opportunities?
  • ESG: How can I better understand and predict the impact of new ESG initiatives on my profitability?
  • Improve Efficiencies: Increase accuracy of comps and create amenity scores to improve Automate Physical Appraisal Waiver decision-making
9000 Ways to Optimize Outcomes in Financial Services
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