5 Steps for Better IT Operations Management

IT Operations Management (ITOM) is more important than ever in today’s fast-changing world. It helps IT to ensure availability, maintenance, and deployment of hardware, software, services, and processes. Companies who rely on ServiceNow have invested in solving this challenge and trying to get a comprehensive view of their entire infrastructure.

However, for many of them, there is one crucial area of missing data. ServiceNow does not natively discover critical infrastructure resources from IBM Power Systems and IBM Z mainframes. This can leave them vulnerable to blind spots, their ITOM initiatives can go awry, and periods of downtime can be extended.

Watch this webinar on-demand where we will cover:

  • The five key ITOM enablers to gain complete visibility into all areas of the infrastructure
  • How Ironstream for ServiceNow can fill the gaps in ITOM coverage
  • How Discovery, Service Mapping, and Event Management work together to deliver ITOM success
5 Steps for Better IT Operations Management
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