Solution Sheet

Syncsort Capacity Management Cloud

​The world’s leading companies rely on Syncsort Capacity Management Cloud software and Precisely’s consulting and training services as key elements of their IT Service Management and Service Delivery.

This product provides clients with the capability to have a world-class Capacity Management process while avoiding the maintenance of software, databases, and the amount and granularity of data.

Organizations looking to augment staff or expertise can partner with Precisely Professional Services to create a managed service that will help them take advantage of the benefits of capacity management without having to increase the size or expertise of their staffs.

Key Features of Syncsort Capacity
Management Cloud include:
Provisioned and maintained hardware – No need to provision or maintain Syncsort Capacity Management hardware. This product provides organizations with the right amount of capacity to manage their environments and also supports that hardware, ensuring that the software and operating environment is kept up to date.

Secure transfer of data – the product provides a secure mechanism to get your capacity management data from your target systems to the Syncsort Capacity Management CMIS in the cloud.

Ongoing management of historical data – Syncsort Capacity Management Cloud will manage your data to the granularity that you desire for the time period that you need. Maintain detailed data for a desired period in time and then aggregate up to hourly averages, daily peaks, or whatever periods you require to make sound decisions. The product will delete the data when it’s no longer needed.

Using the product to predict and model –Some organizations don’t have the staffing levels or expertise to do planning activities. Precisely’s Professional Services can create quarterly predictions based on historical data and business forecasts for your critical services.

Syncsort Capacity Management Cloud Solution Sheet