Solution Sheet

Spectrum Spatial Insights

It’s easier than ever to put your location data to work with Spectrum Spatial Insights

Get clear answers to questions about markets, customers, sites, and competitors. With Spectrum Spatial Insights, business users and power users alike can create and share detailed analyses, maps and reports, when and where needed, without the need for lengthy training or specialized expertise. This powerful web-based platform lets you generate insight from internal data, third-party datasets, and custom plugins.

Data-driven insight everyone can use

All information is stored in a central repository, so it’s simple to manage, protect, and share. Intuitive and easy to use, robust and customizable, Spectrum Spatial Insights adds insight enterprise-wide.

See your data in a whole new dimension

Gain deeper insights

Mine value from the growing volume of location data surrounding your business sites, channels, and competitors. Use this data
to define and rank geographies. Intuitively draw rings and boundaries, and calculate drive and walk times and distances. Through easily combining multiple datasets you can make comparisons, understand data relationships, and reveal trends.

Create winning strategies

Get the information you need to compete successfully. Spectrum Spatial Insights delivers critical market intelligence with just a few clicks. Use data from the Precisely global data portfolio to create thematic maps that show the impact of multiple variables like demographics, income, expenditure, purchasing power, digital activity/mobile trace, home values, and more. Target your highest-value customers, identify emerging opportunities, and optimize site selection.

Share knowledge enterprise-wide

Dynamically connect to internal data warehouses to provide a ‘single source of the truth’ on location data. Easily export, print, and share maps and insights. Quickly customize and generate detailed summary reports and access across mobile devices. Present your business case for new site selection and other important business decisions directly from Spectrum Spatial Insights.

Fast and simple customized reports, supporting location-based decision-making with a single click.

Spectrum Spatial Insights