Solution Sheet

Sort Performance and Tuning Service

The Performance and Tuning Service offered by Precisely is designed to educate customers about the factors that affect sort and system performance in general, and to review and tune existing applications to meet the performance criteria of the organization. Download this solution sheet to learn more!

Sorting is an important task that occurs frequently and utilizes large quantities of system resources. Stand-alone and embedded sorts permeate the organization. Sorting efficiency can have a serious impact on overall system throughput.

Highly experienced Precisely analysts will review and analyze information about an organization’s environment, sort load and configuration. Professional Services will include providing general information about sort performance as well as specific information about critical applications. Special emphasis is placed on the performance goals of the organization.

The onsite consultations cover a range of topics with an overarching theme of the Sort Performance and Tuning Service. The topics covered include:

  • Sorting theory
  • Performance-related installation parameters
  • Impact of installation parameters on customer’s environment
  • SMF record analysis
  • Summary Reports
  • Focus on jobs most in need of tuning
  • Focus on customer-identified “hot spots”
  • Precisely messages
  • Review of messages from critical applications
  • Product updates & roadmap
  • Maximizing SORT, COPY, COMPRESSION, and zIIP Optimization

Precisely experts will work with you to design a customized set of Best Practices that take into consideration your environment, workload and tuning objectives. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of how these recommendations were made. This will allow you to adjust your Best Practices in the future when there is a change to your environment.

This service is designed for those responsible for installing and maintaining Precisely as well as those responsible for its performance and tuning. A solid understanding of Precisely fundamentals and product usage is a prerequisite.

Customized Performance and Tuning offerings are available based on the knowledge level of your personnel, the nature and size of your environment and the amount of time you have available. Contact your Precisely representative to develop a custom program.

Sort Performance and Tuning Service Solution Sheet