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Precisely Strategic Services Catalog

As organizations build and refine enterprise-wide data management programs, they can derive significant benefit from expert evaluation and advice. Precisely Strategic Services provides a broad range of consultative services to help identify data challenges, prioritize business needs and implement initiatives. This allows organizations to multiply the value of their data assets.

The Precisely strategic services team has worked on and implemented countless data management initiatives, bringing an unmatched level of knowledge and expertise to each engagement.

Precisely strategic services are designed to:

  • Support existing initiatives and projects
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current strategies and solutions
  • Identify and remediate data management deficiencies

Business case development for data management and governance

Helps organizations secure budget for data projects and technology, prove ROI, educate leadership and build a case for prioritizing initiatives. We evaluate current data platforms, tools and services to identify needs and gather requirements, develop a business case and provide ongoing guidance for selecting and implementing proposed products or solutions.

Use case portfolio prioritization

Appropriately prioritize and sequence projects that reflect large allocations of capital. We help develop a customized methodology for sourcing use cases from the business and translate those use cases into a portfolio of prioritized, data-related investment opportunities.

Coaching for Chief Data Officers

Learn to drive initiatives, evangelize efforts and foster a data-driven culture. We support data leaders as they develop a data management plan and execute a strategy, while guiding them through the process of evaluating data needs, reducing data risks and targeting critical data for maximum impact.

Read more about the Precisely Strategic Service offerings and how these services can identify opportunities to reduce risk, limit exposure, improve readiness in your organization and more.

Precisely Strategic Services Catalog