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Precisely Migration and Optimization Services

Say goodbye to maintenance downtime – Precisely Migration and Optimization Services for IBM i ensure your systems stay up and running.

You depend on your IBM i systems to always be available. Yet maintenance is inevitable. Precisely Migration and Optimization Services for IBM i can solve the puzzle.

Some critical IBM i maintenance work, such as migrating servers and compressing data, has traditionally required lengthy system downtime. In today’s 24×7 environment, that’s not acceptable.

Even when businesses could tolerate a shutdown, maintenance jobs used to require that IT staff work at night, over a weekend, or possibly even through a full holiday weekend if the work couldn’t be completed in two days. That was costly, not to mention a strain on staff.

Precisely Migration and Optimization Services for IBM i overcome these challenges and keep your systems humming by performing the necessary work in the background or on a secondary server while your production systems remain active.

Eliminate Downtime from Migrations

Migrations are inevitable. Eventually, you will have to upgrade or replace outdated technologies or swap in a higher performance server to manage a greater volume of business. Other times, you may determine that it would be economical to consolidate servers or adopt virtualization technology. And those are just a few of the many reasons for server migrations.

In the past, those migrations required saving data to offline media, installing the new system, and reloading the data. Because of the required downtime, most migrations were performed on weekends or outside of normal business hours, with a lot of off-hours overtime work for the IT staff, and possibly third-party consultants as well.

In addition, traditional migrations were fallible, with as many as 42% of professionals reporting a migration failure in a recent Precisely survey. Consequently, migrations often had to be redone, increasing the cost and downtime involved in the migration.

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Precisely Migration and Optimization Services