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Precisely Automate Enterprise Journal Entry

Journal entries present enterprises with a unique set of problems that are often difficult to address due to entrenched processes, or the inflexible requirements of accounting timelines despite increasing demands to manage ever-growing volumes of financial data. General ledger journal entries frequently require complex workflows for routing and approval, prior to posting. For many of you, the collection, routing, and management tool of choice is Microsoft Excel with files living in a shared drive or attached to multiple emails.

This approach, by nature, is error-prone and unsustainable.

Enterprise Journal Entry Solution

The Precisely Automate Enterprise Journal Entry solution is intended specifically to help large enterprises like yours, who are struggling with an overwhelming number of journal entries for their SAP general ledger. We help you get control of the processes and improve your ability to manage massive amounts of financial data while simultaneously improving governance, data quality, and employee productivity.

Discover how your finance team can:

  • Continue to work in Excel for greater productivity
  • Implement review and approval workflows to improve compliance
  • Scale to meet seasonal needs and business growth with current staffing levels
  • Eliminate manual data entry into SAP to increase productivity and data accuracy
  • Get the right workflow solution faster by reducing dependence on IT

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Precisely Automate Enterprise Journal Entry