Solution Sheet

Ironstream for Kafka

Completing the Picture for IT Analytics with Ironstream for Kafka

You have carefully selected and implemented leading solutions to support your key IT analytics and security management objectives. And you have no doubt invested a lot of time and effort to integrate and streamline those platforms, because you understand that data and process silos just don’t make sense. But you may be struggling to integrate your IBM i and mainframe systems, due to their unique and complex operating systems and data structures. Extracting IBM system security and operational log data requires specialized knowledge and skills, and delivering that data to your IT analytics and security systems stubbornly defies automation.

You simply cannot leave those systems to be managed as silos. Yet, even the most successful attempts to tie them in using customized manual processes still leaves you with “semi-silos” operating on the periphery of your otherwise integrated operations.

Eliminate IBM System Integration Barriers

The answer to your IBM i and mainframe integration challenges is Ironstream for Kafka. Like thousands of IT professionals around the world, you likely already use Apache™ Kafka to integrate and harmonize applications and platforms across your entire enterprise IT infrastructure because of its flexible and scalable, topic-based information streaming architecture. You may in fact, already be using Kafka to customize vital information flows to your IT security and operations analytics platforms for enhanced results.

With Ironstream for Kafka, you can quickly and easily integrate your IBM systems as well. Ironstream’s tight, out-of-the-box integration with Kafka makes it quick and easy to start collecting, transforming and securely streaming operational and security data from your IBM systems into SIEM, ITOA and other analytics platforms.

Powerful IBM Systems Integration Technologies

With extensive support for critical IBM i and mainframe data sources, Ironstream for Kafka automates the collection, filtering and delivery of the full array of IBM systems machine data and logs into convenient and familiar Kafka topics.

Maximize the enterprise-wide effectiveness of your IT analytics and security platforms while achieving measurable operational efficiency gains from complete, automated, flexible and scalable integration with your IT security, operations analytics, and other analytics platforms.

Ironstream for Kafka Solution Sheet