Solution Sheet

EnterWorks Vendor Portal

In today’s global, omnichannel marketplace, promoting and selling products requires compelling, accurate content to differentiate yourself from the competition. This includes product descriptions, marketing copy, images, videos, and PDF instruction manuals. All of which must be accurate, consistent, and up-to-date across all channels. Yet too often, downstream partners—such as distributors, wholesalers, dealers, and retailers—lack the enriched information needed to promote and sell products effectively. Primarily due to the challenge and costs associated with sourcing and managing it themselves.

The EnterWorks Vendor Portal allows you to directly engage suppliers and vendors in the information onboarding process. Businesses can create workflows to simplify supplier and vendor onboarding, enforce data standards, and notify internal teams about new product introductions, missing data, and other critical items. By helping reduce manual processes for managing supplier information and product content across an organization, including subsidiaries, and providing greater visibility and insights, the Vendor Portal makes it easier for businesses to assess performance and compliance. As a result, organizations can improve product differentiation, expedite time-to-market, and execute more successful product launches.

More successful product introductions Launching new products is critical to boosting revenue growth. However, product and digital asset onboarding can be cumbersome. One item may require multiple emails or calls with suppliers. And even after several attempts, the content received may not be accurate or consistent with your organization’s data model, rules, or format requirements.

EnterWorks allows you to create an onboarding workflow to automatically enforce data standards for vendors and notify internal teams about new product introductions, vendor suggested updates, and image revisions.

Read this product sheet to learn more about how Enterworks Vendor Portal can help get you to market faster, streamline operations and operate more efficiently.

Streamline supplier onboarding and collaboration, and automate processes