Solution Sheet

EngageOne™ RapidCX - Overview

It’s challenging to deliver the CX that customers demand. While 80% of companies believe they offer superior CX, only 8% of customers agree. 90% of customers demand omnichannel experiences and these demands are often met by implementing different solutions, including custom code, for each delivery channel. The result is a fragmented communication ecosystems that doesn’t share design, data, archiving and approval workflows across channels. This approach presents two huge challenges:

  • Meeting the expectations of consistent communications across different channels is close to impossible
  • Being able to rapidly update communications to meet internal and regulatory requirements as well as customer’s changing needs. It often takes up to 90 days to make simple updates to communications

Customer communications often lack the ability to achieve your desired outcome resulting in missed revenue opportunities. An Integrated Customer Engagement Platform, like EngageOne™ RapidCX overcomes these challenges by sharing design, data, archiving and approval workflows across channels. Clients using EngageOne™ RapidCX reduce the time it takes to make communication updates, irrespective of channel, to less than 90 minutes while ensuring workflow approval requirements are met and audit trails logged of all changes and approvals.

Beyond approval workflow and audit trails, “as-delivered” copies of all communications are captured and can be accessed easily and securely by your customer service agents to help your customers. Additionally, customers can securely access their communications online too, reducing their need to call in the first place! Online customer communications can optionally be augmented with contextual links to chat and video help providing the best personalized answers to the most frequently asked questions about each communication!

Find out what EngageOne™ RapidCX, the leading Integrated Customer Engagement Platform can do for your organization.