Solution Sheet

EngageOne™ Inform

EngageOne™ Inform translates USPS and third-party tracking data into a single, standardized format that can be easily integrated with systems across your organization.

The intelligent choice for mail & campaign management

Leverage mail delivery data to improve performance. By monitoring the entire mail communication process, you can make better business decisions. Greater insight can help you improve customer-service interactions, optimize omnichannel marketing efforts and even reduce costs related to service cancellations and reinstatements. It all starts with a more complete view into the status of your mail.

EngageOne™ connects the Intelligent Mail barcode, USPS Informed Visibility® and your customer data. This insight helps you optimize timing of future maildrops and increase the impact of complementary outreach across phone, SMS and text.

Improve performance with EngageOne™ Inform

  • Track mail delivery end-to-end
  • Monitor performance
  • Identify issues impacting response rates
  • Inform analysis of campaign effectiveness and ROI

Get the visibility you need, inbound and outbound

Track incoming mail

When a customer’s check really is “in the mail”, there’s no need to chase it down. Inform tracks remittance mailings through Intelligent Mail to determine incoming payments and responses. You’ll reduce costs associated with service cancellation and reinstatement. Plus, you can better prepare resources and messaging for your best next customer contact.

Get proof of mailing

Confirm the start of each mailing event and obtain a clear audit trail. With Inform, you’ll see precisely when your mailings are accepted into a USPS facility. It’s easy to view where and to whom those mailings were addressed. Inform also allows
you to track progress toward delivery each step of the way.

Mark in-home delivery

Know just when your mailings are delivered. Informed Visibility data provides the most accurate in-home delivery date the USPS has to offer. You’ll also see what can’t be delivered. This lets you plan your next steps, utilizing other channels to serve your customers at their moments of need.

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