Solution Sheet

EngageOne™ Converse - Now Chatbot

Easily create, modify and optimize chatbots with EngageOne™ Converse. This cloud-based designer allows you to quickly deploy chatbots across channels for helpful, automated exchanges with customers.

Automated, data-driven 1:1 messaging

The explosive growth in chat and messaging platforms is changing the way we communicate and how we expect to interact with businesses.

Today, over eight billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses each month on Facebook Messenger alone. It’s easy to see why: Direct messaging a business is a fast, convenient way to inquire about products or services, contact customer service and more.

Chatbots are also poised to experience accelerated growth. More than email, apps and phone, consumers associate them with fast answers to the simple questions they have for businesses.

69% of consumers prefer chatbots

Customers expect to communicate with you when, where and how they want. Keep them engaged with EngageOne™ Converse and watch your relationships grow.

  • Additional purchases
  • More upgrades
  • New referrals
  • Better cross-sell and upsell results

Deeper engagement with EngageOne™ Converse

Get personal

Deliver real-time, data-driven, customized experiences. With personalized content designed to meet the demands of today’s savvy consumer, EngageOne™ Converse helps you increase communication effectiveness and drive customer satisfaction.

Empower business users

A user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes self-service simple. Marketing, call-center and other business users can easily create new chatbots and connect those interactions to business outcomes. Built-in analytics and voice-of-the-customer reporting helps hone experiences and track results.

Add a human element

When a bot can’t answer a consumer question, our embedded live-takeover solution steps in. It notifies your live agents. Then, they can pause that individual chatbot conversation and connect live with the consumer in real time, to deliver a winning customer experience every time.

With EngageOne™ Converse, you can:

  • Reduce costs with intelligent self-service that leverages data and location
  • Increase customer satisfaction by eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks
  • Provide contextual customer experiences and meet your customers in the channels they use today
  • Achieve faster time-to-value with an intuitive, real-time UX for business users

Read more on how easy it is to create, modify and optimize chatbots with EngageOne™ Converse. Quickly deploy chatbots for helpful, automated exchanges with customers.