Solution Sheet

EngageOne™ Communicate: Email

Design interactive, data-driven, dynamic emails optimized for any device with EngageOne™ Communicate Email

Anytime, anywhere and on any screen, delivering relevant, in-context digital communications is key for any organization. Competition for consumers’ attention is fiercer than ever. Increasing channel choice has added to the complexity of effective customer engagement. It’s essential to reach customers with messaging optimized for every screen.

Now you can accelerate digital engagement. With EngageOne™ Communicate, anyone can quickly create and deliver responsive email communications. It’s simple to craft dynamic content through a single browser interface. Direct integrations with APIs, Photoshop and Adobe Creative Cloud speed your way to consistent, compelling, dynamic design. Logic-based formatting streamlines personalization. Quick-start templates and direct connections to your systems accelerate results.

Communications transformed

EngageOne™ Communicate is designed for data-driven efficiency. Upload data sources using a variety of file types. Or use Precisely Spectrum OnDemand to natively connect to your live data sources — even your own CRM and ERP systems. Benefit from direct integration with Photoshop and Adobe Creative Cloud. Plus, your designers will be connected directly with communications control.

Design for all

Transform your business users into content designers. No coding or special skills are required. Quick-start templates speed production and keep you on brand. Drag & drop editing capabilities and real-time previews make it simple to design dynamic and responsive communications, deployable in minutes, rather than hours or days. Easily pull in elements like tables, images, videos, barcodes, buttons and more.

Review and refine

Understand in real time how recipients are responding and engaging with your communications. See at a glance which communications are performing well and which can be further optimized. Real-time reporting lets you utilize the whats, whens and hows of your customers’ digital engagement and continually refine their experience.

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