Solution Sheet

Data Integrity Suite - Spatial Analytics

Discover and visualize patterns, trends, and relationships between location-based datasets.

The Data Integrity Suite Spatial Analytics service allows users to derive meaningful insights from the spatial relationships between people, assets, and their environment. Visualize data on maps, perform spatial analyses, and access location reports to discover revenue growth opportunities, identify risks, and drive your business forward more confidently.

To add context to your decisions, you can find the distance to the nearest locations, analyze surroundings, and define travel boundaries as part of your data pipelines.

The Spatial Analytics service also offers APIs to power your applications, processes, and workflows, bringing efficiency to each customer interaction.


  • Eliminate manual processes with location intelligence that’s quick to deploy and easy to master for all users across the enterprise.
  • More efficiently find, understand, trust, and leverage location data as an asset and a competitive differentiator.
  • Optimize business decisions with a better view of locations and a deeper understanding of people, assets, and trends.
  • Prevent expensive errors and make more informed decisions by giving precedence to location in your assessments.
  • Discover new opportunities to accelerate revenue growth.

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