Solution Sheet

Data Integrity Suite - Geo Addressing

Verify, standardize, cleanse, and geocode addresses to unlock valuable context for more informed decision-making.

The Precisely Data Integrity Suite Geo Addressing service helps you simplify and streamline the complexity of address data management by offering a comprehensive set of capabilities:

  • Global address verification: Verify addresses worldwide to ensure accuracy and reduce errors.
  • Geocoding: Convert addresses into geographic coordinates and vice versa with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Address autocomplete: Speed up data entry and reduce manual entry errors by autocompleting addresses for users.
  • Append a unique ID: Assign unique identifiers to addresses, simplifying metadata management and tracking, and obfuscating personal information for improved privacy.
  • Accurate tax information: Apply accurate taxes on goods and services based on local jurisdiction through accurate geographic data, ensuring compliance and informed decision-making.
  • Bulk processing: Save time by efficiently handling large volumes of address data.


  • Save time and money: By reducing costly errors, like missed deliveries, poor operational costs, regulatory fines, and more, with accurate address data.
  • Improve your address data’s quality and reliability: So you can make trustworthy location-based decisions.
  • Easier integration and management: You can quickly parse, standardize, manage, and enrich your data while maintaining uniformity across your data environments.
  • Streamline user experience: Accelerate and reduce errors in entry forms, enhancing checkout and providing a better experience.
  • Improved customer interactions: Build better customer relationships, outreach efforts, and efficient marketing campaigns.

To learn more about the Data Integrity Suite and Geo Addressing, read the full product sheet.

Data Integrity Suite - Geo Addressing