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Data Integrity Suite - Data Integration

Break down silos by quickly building modern data pipelines that deliver the business-critical data needed to power next-gen apps and innovative analytics.

Data is the lifeblood of the digital economy and the pipelines that carry it are essential to your IT infrastructure. The Data Integration module of the Precisely Data Integrity Suite enables you to build resilient, high-performance data pipelines that connect data from your critical systems to modern platforms. That means faster innovation and greater competitive advantage.

The Data Integration module ensures that you have the right customer data in the right application at the right time, leading to richer data-driven analytics and a better experience for your customers – both internally and externally. And because Data Integration works so seamlessly with the other modules of the Data Integrity Suite, you’re able to gain additional business context using enterprise metadata and associated relationships.


  • Build new revenue-driving applications by integrating data from your modern cloud-based data platforms
  • Extend the value of your mission-critical systems – everything from open systems databases to mainframe and IBM i
  • Achieve faster time to value by having easy access to all your data so you can get projects done quicker, on time,and on budget
  • Integrate complex data formats into projects – no coding or specialized skills required
  • Democratize your data by making it accessible to more areas of the business
  • Capture the metadata from the data flowing through your pipelines in the Data Integrity Suite’s data catalog
  • Future-proof your architecture so you can remain flexible in introducing new applications and use cases

To learn more about the Data Integrity Suite and Data Integration, read the full product sheet.

Precisely Data Integrity Suite - for Data Integration