Solution Sheet

Base Immeubles

A comprehensive view on addresses and buildings for efficient and reliable decision-making

What is Base Immeubles?
It is a qualified and annually updated database of 24 million addresses, 50 million buildings, and 94 million parcels in metropolitan France and the overseas territories of France.

Base Immeubles is a standardized, multi-sourced, and localized database distinguished by its attributes’ accuracy, consistency, and completeness.

Why Base Immeubles?
First-party data is often not enough to answer the complex questions a business needs answered today. Designed with privacy in mind, Base Immeubles provides current and refined information about an area, its resident population, and demographic details and behaviors.

Discover the use cases

  • Discover demographic details and employment rate of an area
  • Analyze population densities and housing services in detail
  • Evaluate the population covered by a network or manage a connection network
  • Quantify populations exposed to an industrial risk.

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