Why ServiceNow ITOM Needs Mainframe and IBM i Data - And How To Get It

Integrate IBM i and mainframe data into your ITOM and ITSM for improved IT Operations Strategy with visibility and customer satisfaction

IT Operations Management (ITOM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) provide a single system of record for IT with visibility into infrastructure and services. This leads to more control of the environment and better decision making. Such platforms, such as ServiceNow, are being broadly adopted by forward-looking enterprises to automate discovery, asset management, event management, and other vital functions.

But these platforms have a huge blind spot that inhibits their value: out of the box, they don’t include IBM mainframe and IBM i systems. A great many organizations continue to deploy IBM i systems and IBM mainframes. Banks, healthcare, financial services, government and other verticals rely upon these platforms to run mission-critical applications and databases. Most ITOM systems do not support the integration of this data with other enterprise systems.

IT operations strategy to optimize performance and minimize downtime

What tends to happen is that those managing operations either leave the mainframe/IBM i to another team or have evolved complicated workarounds in an attempt to gain a more complete view of the enterprise. In some cases, they call their local mainframe/IBM i guru to ask what systems and applications are operating. In other cases, there are two different IT analytics platforms: one for mainframe/IBM i and one for the rest of the enterprise. Alternatively, spreadsheets and Visio diagrams are referred to. But these documents quickly become outdated.

Failure to consolidate mainframe and IBM i data in ITOM with other enterprise systems can have serious consequences.  Sluggish application behavior may be incorrectly blamed on the network when the real fault lies on the mainframe/IBM i  side, for example. What isn’t understood well in IT is how many enterprise processes interface with IBM i and mainframe services.  As a result, troubleshooting efforts may be thwarted, upgrade efforts may not have the desired impact and event management actions may be incorrectly targeted. This blind spot inevitably leads to bad decisions, downtime and lowered productivity.

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Why ServiceNow ITOM Needs Mainframe and IBM i Data
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