Passing Your Next Audit: The Challenges of Properly Securing Your IBM i and Maintaining Compliance

Overcoming common IBM i security challenges to strengthen security and pass compliance audits

Achieving optimal security on the IBM i isn’t so much a destination as it is a journey that’s marked by a continual series of efforts toward improvement. Organizations that run business applications on IBM i must adequately secure their systems to meet compliance regulations; however, being in compliance doesn’t mean your IBM i is fully secured.

To achieve a security posture that is a real deterrent to theft or fraud – whether perpetrated by external or internal actors – a determined, consistent effort is required that combines the right mix of technologies, expertise and best practices.

Download this eBook to learn security challenges commonly faced by staff at IBM i shops in their efforts to harden security and pass compliance audits, including:

  • Enforcing security and compliance policies
  • Defending against unauthorized access (particularly via open-source protocols)
  • Auditing and tracing suspicious activity
  • Keeping sensitive data away from prying eyes
  • Limiting powerful profiles

We’ll also explore the technologies and best practices that can provide much-needed solutions.