Location Intelligence for "the Cloud"

This eBook explores how to accelerate geospatial insights within cloud-native and big data environments for location intelligence in the cloud.

Location intelligence expands cloud opportunities

More information can mean more answers, more value, and more opportunities. It can also mean more unanswered questions.

Due in part to better data-capture processes, big data’s rapid growth features more detailed customer information, interactions, and location specific information than ever. Mobile apps, geotags, and smart sensors generate millions of new data points every hour, each featuring a location component. Yet, most firms have trouble extracting value from the location data they collect. Studies show that up to 73 percent of this data goes unused in day-to-day analytics and Business Intelligence.

Organizations need to turn those transactions, data points, and locations into a competitive edge. But how? To make sense of big data, you need to process data faster in ways that yield actionable location intelligence and new customer insight. With the right tools, you can reach business answers sooner, with greater insight and clearer vision.

Three essential big data facts:

  • The cloud-native explosion shows no signs of slowing, and organizations are challenged to harness and process so much information
  • New cloud-native tools can aggregate, analyze, and share data in ways that previously were not possible
  • Location-based data and software are helping insurers, retailers, communication services providers, governments, and others improve performance exponentially

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Location Intelligence for