Geocoding for Business

Five considerations for selecting a geocoding solution to support a winning location intelligence business strategy

Business operations in industries such as insurance, financial services, and telecommunications, are more reliant than ever on location intelligence.

Location intelligence is the art and science of analyzing the connections between locations (latitude and longitude coordinates) and what exists or occurs at these locations (customers, businesses, crimes, weather events, traffic, etc.). But before you can analyze the connections, you need to associate each address with accurate geospatial coordinates. That process is called geocoding.

Geocoding is where location intelligence begins, but it is a complex process with many potential pitfalls. If you are unaware of these possibilities, you may generate inaccurate geocodes/false positives and not even realize they are wrong. And that could have a major impact on your business outcomes.

Accurate geocoding and data enrichment provide the context necessary to achieve data integrity and create data-driven, address-centric strategies – all while leveraging the speed and elasticity of cloud platforms and Kubernetes.

Download this eBook to explore the considerations for selecting a geocoding solution that supports a winning location intelligence business strategy.

Geocoding technology is used by insurance, financial services and telecommunications to analyze the connections between geospatial locations
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