EngageOne™ Customer Engagement Solutions: Meet your clients at THEIR moment of need

87 percent of customers find it frustrating to have to start over in a new channel every time they have a question. 73 percent report that this frustration has led them to question why they do business with a company.”

“Critical Channels of Choice” CMO Council

Transform your customer experience in creative, compelling, practical ways – with Customer Engagement Solutions from EngageOne™

Meet the empowered consumer

Today’s customers are in the driver’s seat. Companies that can deliver engaging, personalized experiences – no matter how, where or when the customer chooses to interact – can win lasting loyalty and accelerate business growth.

You need to take action

It takes agile, innovative engagement to deliver the experiences customers crave. And it’s essential.

“Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that aren’t.”


“87 percent of customers feel it’s important for a company to be omnichannel. Of those, 28 percent report that it’s critically important.”

“Critical Channels of Choice” CMO Council

You need to reach and engage your customers at THEIR moment of need.

What is Precisely EngageOne™?

By connecting with customers when, where and how they desire, using personalized and data-driven insights, businesses are creating the game-changing experiences that customers demand. EngageOne™ solutions from Precisely offer a leading range of products, which, backed by our services and know-how, enables your enterprise to make better decisions.

Create seamless, personalized and omnichannel communications on any medium, anytime.

EngageOne™ products sit in the following families:

Communicate: Connect with customers across digital channels using interactive video, chatbots, email and SMS to create personalized customer experiences.

Digital Self-Service: Help customers help themselves with instant self-service access to customer documents and interactive billing.

Compose: Create and manage personalized communications across customer’s preferred channels in batch or real-time.

Enrichment: Control active print streams to easily enhance and modify print-ready files in real-time.

EngageOne™ RapidCX

Deliver customers timely, personalized communications on the channels they expect.

RapidCX is a unified CCM platform that personalizes, automates, and audits customercommunications. Purpose-built to share designs, data, archiving and approval workflows across channels, RapidCX is perfect for companies in data-intensive industries.

The Benefits of EngageOne™ RapidCX:

Fast, powerful and simple to deploy, EngageOne™ Vault leverages advanced compression technology to archive billions of documents with no loss of quality or performance degradation.

Better CX

  • More efficient operations
  • Replace manual CX processes with an automated solution on a user-friendly platform

Improved governance and compliance

  • Ensure compliance with end-to-end communications tracking, delivery tracing, and archiving

Expert support

  • Receive tailored support guidance and support from our highly skilled professional services team

Seamless integration

  • EngageOne™ RapidCX seamlessly integrates with even the most fragmented legacy systems to drive enhanced customer engagement and improve the customer experience (CX)

Automatically deliver best answers to 80% of customer queries with personalized chat and video

Communication updates reduced from 90 days to 90 minutes

Organizations using EngageOne™ RapidCX typically achieve annual cost savings of $5M, improved CX, operational efficiency and ensured regulatory compliance.

It’s challenging to deliver the CX that customers demand. While 80% of companies believe they offer superior CX, only 8% of customers agree. RapidCX can grow your revenue by delivering the best customer experiences while also reducing your costs and risks


EngageOne™ Communicate: video

Personalized, interactive video communications create more engaging connections. Evolve to video that interacts, and experience the cloud-based platform that’s cost effective, intuitive and fast to deploy.

Grow your sales, not your salesforce

Interact with the same feel as live, one-to-one engagement. Combining cost-effective scalability with rich, interactive personalization, video can act just like your top salesperson. It addresses customer and prospect needs, delivers automated lead-qualification and lets your salesforce focus on your best prospects. You can shorten sales cycles, expand cross-sell and upsell, and achieve more with existing resources.


Re-imagine customer service

With video from EngageOne™ Communicate, you can explain everything from insurance policies to billing statements in easy-to-understand ways. Captivate and inspire clients, customers, prospects and employees, replicating your best service conversations and anticipating questions before they’re asked. Armed with the most accurate real-time information, you can automatically present best-next-action recommendations.


Educate, inform and inspire

Whether you’re looking to reach dozens of clients or millions of prospects, EngageOne™ Communicate delivers engagement levels much greater than standard videos. Viewers can interact, selecting the specific topics that interest them. Personalized content driven by customer data responds to viewer preferences in real time, explaining bills and statements, highlighting special offers, onboarding new customers and more.


EngageOne™ Communicate: email & SMS

Discover the quick and easy way to create scalable, responsive email and SMS communications

Anytime, anywhere and on any screen, delivering relevant, in-context digital communications is key. Competition for consumers attention is fierce. Increasing channel choice adds complexity to effective customer engagement. It’s essential to optimize messaging for every screen.

Get to market faster with EngageOne™ Communicate

Now you can deliver data-driven, personalized, responsive, digital communications with outstanding efficiency. Bring in data from a variety of sources and have access to dashboards to track and measure performance. The process is quick, simple and intuitive for all business users.

  • Choose ready-to-use templates, or create or import new ones.
  • Easy to use drag and drop designer.
  • Incorporate data assets.
  • Track, measure, analyze every metric of importance.


EngageOne™ Communicate: chatbots/virtual assistants

Connect with your customers. Optimize engagement by delivering experiences that step up to customer needs.

Messaging made easy

Easy to use, and incredibly convenient, the automated, rules-based conversations chatbots deliver are now in high demand. Pre configured or customized, they bring a new level of immediacy to customer self-service. They’re an effortless way to:

  • Make payments
  • Check account balances
  • File an insurance claim
  • Schedule appointments
  • Refill prescriptions
  • Access technical support
  • Get product recommendations


Quick to market, highly reliable and secure

EngageOne™ Communicate offers a fast, simple and cost-effective chatbot platform you can deploy to your website and customer portals. Now you can expand self-service. Shift customers from expensive live-agent support to cost-effective automated conversations. Even analyze customer conversations to identify gaps in your knowledge bases, then adapt and redeploy.


Designed for customization

When you want to deliver a more immediate, personalized experience, EngageOne™ Communicate makes it easy to integrate location data and other custom datasets to:

  • Render maps
  • Provide driving directions
  • Embed interactive personalized video, and more


Achieve stellar results.

EngageOne™ Communicate clients report:


increase in retention
ROI within 6 months
positive feedback
increase in on time payments
boost in sales

EngageOne™ Digital Self Service


Help your customers help themselves

Customers want to interact and transact, quickly and effortlessly, around the clock. Provide them with convenient, self-service solutions, and you can step up to their needs while lowering your costs.

Deliver a smart, seamless self-service experience

More than just basic bill payment and presentment, the most appealing solutions are consistent, intuitive and aligned to individual customer profiles, preferences and behaviors. They allow customers to self-serve in the ways they prefer.

  • Mobile-friendly
  • SMS and IVR integrated 1
  • Timely and relevant
  • Interactive and engaging

1 Short Message Service (SMS); Integrated Voice Response (IVR)

Choose the solutions that fit your needs

EngageOne™ offers three convenient self-service solutions to empower your customers.

Smart View
Instant access to customer’s communication history through a secure, personalized portal.

Smart Bill
Sophisticated bill-navigation dispute, and account-management tools.

Smart Pay
Bill payment options including auto-pay, one-time, short pay, and scheduled payments.

Deliver 24/7 engagement

Make it easy for customers to selfserve.

Transact: Schedule one-time, recurring and automatic payments.

Manage: Add services, set notifications, upgrade devices.

Answer: Check balances, coverage, account options, payments and more.

Access: View and download statements, correspondence and other documents.

“55% of CX Leaders say customers are now more likely to expect to self-serve using digital tools.”

“Customer Experience in a Post COVID-19 World” Corinium Intelligence

EngageOne™ Vault


Get everyone on the same page

When customers have questions, they want answers fast. Go straight to the source. With immediate access to archived communications in their original form, you can give your selfservice customers and customer-care reps the access they need to solve questions fast.

Provide access to a full communication history

  • Streamline search by document type, date or customer.
  • Provide rapid access to full archives.
  • Facilitate self-service.
  • Reprint documents on demand.


Choose the universal repository built for today’s high-volume archiving challenges

Fast, powerful and simple to deploy, EngageOne™ Vault leverages advanced compression technology to archive billions of documents with no loss of quality or performance degradation.

  • Scales to support thousands of concurrent users at no additional cost
  • Lowers cost of storage hardware, maintenance and support
  • Easily integrates with:
    • Accounting systems
    • Billing systems
    • Customer care systems
    • Web applications

See exactly what the customer sees

When your customers and customer care reps can walk through identical documents together, it gives resolution a personal touch.

EngageOne Compose

Increase personalization and real-time relevance

Centralize, standardize and personalize multichannel communications. This high-performance communications hub uses sophisticated templates and application logic to weave customer data and custom content into compelling, cost-effective multichannel campaigns.

“EngageOne™ gives us the ability to respond faster to customer needs and regulatory changes, helping us improve customer experiences, enhance compliance, and reduce risk.”

Wesleyan Assurance Society, EngageOne™ Compose customer/span>

Streamline every step

From document creation through archiving and retrieval, you’ll gain new efficiencies. Deliver structured and interactive documents via batch or real-time production. You can even opt to add interactive video content to your communications.

  • Easy to deploy
  • Quick to integrate
  • Boosts engagement
  • Increases standardization and control

“85 percent of consumers agree that their ideal channel is actually a blend of channels, opting for a mix of both digital and physical experiences.”

“Critical Channels of Choice” CMO Council

EngageOne™ Enrichment


Boost the timeliness and efficiency of your paper and digital production

Strengthen customer relationships, maximize postal savings and optimize revenue potential. Control your active print streams and easily enhance and modify print-ready files in real time – without disrupting operations, – and boost the timeliness, accuracy, and efficiency of your paper and digital document production.

Control and modify the print stream without disrupting operations

The EngageOne™ Enrichment solution facilitates advanced distribution strategies for both hardcopy printing and digital documents so you can quickly respond to new opportunities and changing business requirements.

  • Create more effective communications
  • Gain added flexibility – with or without IT involvement
  • Reduce printing and mailing costs
  • Easily integrate advanced tools to tackle complex business problem

Augment physical with digital

Sometimes it’s best to engage with a physical mailing. Other times, an email or video is the better choice. With EngageOne™ Enrichment, it’s easy to engage seemlessly across physical and digital channels, striking the right balance for your customers and your business.

Meet your clients at THEIR moment of need

Smart, impactful and personalized, EngageOne™ Customer Engagement Solutions can transform your customer experience from ordinary to extraordinary.


Educate, inform and inspire

Streamline customer

Acquire new

Retain and grow existing relationships

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