EngageOne Converse - Intelligent Self-Service

Connect with your clients at their moment of need with EngageOne Converse

Our EngageOne Converse chatbot technology improves your customers’ experience by streamlining service and engagement in real time… any time.

To succeed you must address business challenges:

  • Costly call center interactions
  • Frustrating wait times that stress both customers and reps
  • Evolving consumer expectations that require new innovations

By delivering relevant and engaging interactions:

  • Reduce costs with intelligent self service that leverages data and location
  • Increase customer satisfaction by eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks
  • Achieve faster time-to-value with intuitive, real-time UX designed for ease of use for the business

Why EngageOne Converse Chatbot?
At Precisely, we thrive on helping you connect with your customers when, where, and how they desire. Using personalized and data-driven insights, businesses are creating the-game changing experiences that customers demand, and with EngageOne Converse you can too.

Accelerate your time to market – get businesses to market quickly:

  • Structured, data-driven conversations
  • Templates editable by business users
  • Analytics to understand consumer behavior

The chatbot only needs to be designed once. Once completed, publish to any supported channel, including websites and social channels (e.g. Facebook Messenger).  It integrates into a suite of powerful digital engagement solutions.  A powerful software portfolio which connects people, places and things to boost customer engagement.

EngageOne Converse is powerful and flexible enough for IT to quickly integrate with their systems. With its user-friendly, browser-based interface, EngageOne Converse enables business professionals to quickly and easily make changes to text, images and the conversational flow depending on the desired customer experience. This effectively eliminates the need to make a request through IT or a third party.

Read this ebook to learn how to easily escalate chatbot conversations for live agents to take control and how they can improve your customers’ experience.

EngageOne Converse Chatbot
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