Customer Use Cases for Real-Time Database Replication

See how four companies are using Connect for easy, automated, real-time database replication to drive their businesses forward

In today’s IT environment, critical business information often resides across a variety of databases within the enterprise. The reasons leading to this configuration are many, but the result is often silos of information that cannot be shared with other silos. Frequently, portions of the data contained in each system are redundant, but not necessarily in sync across platforms.

This puts the business at risk of making decisions based on out-of-date, divergent, inaccurate data. Isolated information silos simply do not work well in the real-time, on-demand business world.

The following are examples of how companies are using the real-time data replication capabilities of the Precisely data integration solution, Connect, for easy, automated real-time data replication sharing to drive their businesses forward.

Amway India: Driving e-commerce adoption and profitability with real-time reporting

For Amway India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amway Corporation, e-commerce represents an important component of its growth strategy. Sales increased to 31% of the company’s business over the course of two years, but continued growth relied on adoption and increased usage by its 550,000 active independent Amway Business Owners (ABO). The more up-to-date and accurate the data in the e-commerce platform is, the more likely it will be used by the ABOs.

The company’s e-commerce application relies on data from its ERP system, but data sharing between these platforms presented a problem for Amway. To prevent performance degradation during busy daytime business hours, most bulk data transfers were done at night. As a result, the e-commerce databases were out of date, forcing the ABOs to work with data that could be 24-48 hours old.  Amway India needed a way to provide the most up-to-date information to their independent business owners without impacting the performance of their production systems.

Read on to see other examples of how companies are using Connect  for easy, automated, real-time data replication sharing to drive their businesses forward.

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