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Connect with your clients at their moment of need with EngageOne Communicate. Our chatbot technology improves your customers’ experience by streamlining service and engagement in real time… any time.

Accelerate your time to market

Using chatbots through EngageOne Communicate gets businesses to market quickly.  The chatbot only needs to be designed once. Once completed, publish to any supported channel, including websites and customer portals.

A suite of powerful digital engagement solutions

Chatbots are just one of the integrated channels EngageOne Communicate provides. Enhance your customer communications strategy and augment your chatbot experiences using personalized and interactive video, email, SMS and PDFs for a true omnichannel solution.

User-friendly interface for client and consumer

EngageOne Communicate is powerful and flexible enough for IT to quickly integrate with their systems. With its user-friendly, browser-based interface, EngageOne Communicate also enables business professionals to quickly and easily make changes to text, images and the conversational flow depending on the desired customer experience. This effectively eliminates the need to make a request through IT or a third party.

A better experience for your customers

Easily escalate chatbot conversations for live agents to take control when needed. The Live Takeover feature gives EngageOne Communicate the ability to monitor conversations and provide proactive notifications for faster time to resolution.

Read this eBook to learn how Precisely chatbots can connect you with your customers when, where, and how they desire, using personalized and data-driven insights.

Chatbots - EngageOne Communicate
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