Customer story

Spectrum Technology Platform Gives MAPFRE Mexico Quality Client Insights

Seeking reliable information about clients

The motto of MAPFRE Mexico is “trusted global insurer,” and MAPFRE interprets this to mean covering all their clients’ needs and providing comprehensive support and quality services. MAPFRE provides insurance solutions for vehicles, homes, casualty, bonds, life, health and global risks.

The company also offers credit insurance through a joint venture with Solunion. Tailoring these solutions to the specific needs of nearly one million clients requires a great deal of reliable information about those clients. When the company realized it wasn’t getting the quality information it needed to conduct effective campaigns, they decided to seek help.

The inability to access reliable client information was severely hampering programs and campaigns in multiple areas, including management, loyalty-building, communication and sales. “Not having reliable information on our client portfolio was causing us to put forth a lot of effort when starting up any initiative outside of commercialization or communication,” said Joel Gutiérrez Garcia, Director General of Information Management. “It was costly and time-consuming to get information on our clients and the business relationship we had with them. The results from our campaigns were deficient.”