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Orgill, Inc.

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$2 billion

annual sales

over 7,500

products supplied

over 65,000

products managed

Learn how Orgill leverages EnterWorks Product Information Management (PIM) to support rapid growth, vast product catalogs, and sophisticated marketing initiatives.

The Company

Orgill, Inc. is the world’s largest independently owned hardlines distributor, providing retailers across the United States—and in over 60 countries—with access to over 75,000 products along with industry-leading retail services.

Over the past two decades, Orgill has experienced rapid growth. With over $2 billion in annual sales, Orgill has developed a solid reputation for offering competitive pricing on an impressive catalog of products. The company’s market-focused approach to distribution has earned Orgill a reputation of customer service excellence.

Operating seven distribution centers, as well as three export consolidation facilities, Orgill provides large and small retailers with a wide range of products including hand and power tools, hardware, building materials, paint and accessories, plumbing, electrical, home improvement, housewares, furnishings, camping supplies, and garden products.

Orgill’s renowned Lock Services Department also helps Orgill dealers differentiate themselves in a competitive market by enabling them to deliver custom key orders the next day from a variety of major lockset manufacturers.

Business Challenge

When Orgill began its PIM journey, the company served more than 5,000 independent retail hardware stores, home centers, and lumber yards in the United States, along with its global reach. Managing product data for over 65,000 products—and publishing that data accurately and efficiently to distributor and specialty catalogs—proved challenging.

The company needed a “single source of truth” of product information to ensure and maintain product data quality.

Supporting the company’s fast growth was key, with the ability to publish product content easily to multiple channels, including online and print catalogs.

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Client profile

Orgill, Inc.

  • World’s largest and fastest growing Hardlines Distributor
  • $2 billion annual sales
  • Serves North America and more than 60 countries
  • Supplies over 75,000 products
  • Renowned Lock Services Department
  • Largest sales support force in the hardware industry

“The company needed a “single source of truth” of product information to ensure and maintain product data quality.”


Orgill implemented EnterWorks Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solution.

EnterWorks’ market-leading PIM/MDM architecture is scalable to handle Orgill’s substantial user base and fast-growing product catalog. Which is why EnterWorks is Orgill’s system of record for managing the massive amount of product information the company generates.

The PIM system’s process-driven change management and automated checks/approvals ensure data quality, while the automated Workflow Engine enables efficient publishing of online catalog content.


Orgill implemented EnterWorks in 2001 and continues to use the solution to manage all product information as well as produce numerous print materials—like catalogs, directories, and other marketing collateral. This trusted data also powers the company’s online product catalog, which was first developed by EnterWorks in 1999.

Overall, the PIM solution supports Orgill’s mission to provide unparalleled retailer support and service. As one Orgill customer put it:

“Orgill brings such a vast array of merchandise and a large variety of vendors to the table. We know Orgill can help us find anything we’re looking for and everything our customers need.”

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Solution highlights


Enterprise Workflow Engine
EnterWorks Workflow manages the validation of incoming information as well as alerting and prompting users for approvals, linking and creating images, and other actions.

Enterprise Publication Management
The EnterWorks Publication component works from the central repository with updated and accurate product information. The solution assembles Orgill’s product information according to the requirements of each channel, including print and web.

Automated Language Translation
A Language Translation component provides Orgill with efficient translation of predefined fields. When changes are made to product information, translation requests are sent and received automatically via a translation service.

Data Augmentation
EnterWorks has a Data Augmentation component to tackle enriching and populating Orgill’s category-specific attributes. For example, drills require a unique “voltage” category. With Data Augmentation, when new products are added, granular and category-specific data can be populated efficiently.

EnterWorks MDM/PIM
System provides Orgill with a solution that’s “built to last” as their business and process needs change.


EnterWorks is an enterprise-grade PIM, DAM, and MDM data hub that enables you to compete and thrive in today’s digital economy—across all your channels.